Where in the World Were the SmartLinks at Podcast Movement 2019?


After using Chartable’s SmartLinks for just over two months, I know firsthand how social media is impacting downloads. And as most people in the podcast industry know, figuring out the who/what/where/when of downloads, subscribers, and other metrics when it comes to your show, isn’t exactly easy in the world of podcasting (at least not yet).

So, I was incredibly excited to hear more conversations surrounding SmartLinks at #PM19 in Orlando with the Share Your Genius team. I went to session after session learning about the latest tips, tricks, and tools when it comes to audience development, growing your show, pitching to media, and more. Yet, SmartLinks didn’t come up once.

What are SmartLinks? Why do they matter? These links direct listeners to whatever podcast directory they want to use based on their device and/or preference while also tracking how many people click on the link and/or download it via social media.

Since using SmartLinks, we have been able to determine which social platforms get the most traction when it comes to engagement and downloads. They are a game-changer when it comes to finding out which content is engaging and interesting to your tribe. Utilizing a guest management strategy? Providing your guest with a SmartLink will let you know if the guest actually shared the content you provided — and how many downloads resulted from the share.

Is this tool still in the beginning phases? Yes. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t mentioned. It hasn’t spread like wildfire yet.

But in a world where metrics and direct impact numbers are few and far between, SmartLinks could be the answer to every podcaster’s social media and guest management challenges.

And with that in mind, you can bet I’ll be spreading the good news about SmartLinks at #PM20.