I’ve Got 99 Things to Do and a Podcast Ain’t One

Photo by  Tim Gouw  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

If you’re having content envy, I feel bad for you son / I got ninety-nine things to do but a podcast ain’t one.

Okay, so I’m no lyrical genius. But here’s where I want to go with you. As a marketer, how do you prioritize which content battles to take on?

How do you focus your efforts? I mean, you’re only responsible for demand generation, lead nurturing, brand messaging, go-to-market strategy, content marketing, managing relationships, measuring impact..need I go on?

Hey, I get it. You simply cannot do it all. And if you do try and do it all, something else may break as a result. But what if you could use one core piece of creative content to help you accomplish all your key business objectives?

Demand Generation

A show equips both your marketing and sales team with a connection point. You can leverage your show — and not just in an interview-style podcast — to generation conversations with your ideal prospects.

Many marketers have a list of key accounts they want to get in front of — there’s your guest list. From that conversation spawns the opportunity to have many more with not only the guest you had on, but the people in your audience who identify with the stories being told (on your show!)

Sounds great in theory, right? Here’s how we’ve seen it work. Podcasting is all about community, and getting your existing audience to raise their hand and actively participate with you, and each other, provides you with an opportunity to get to know them. One method consists of developing a “community center” or an online resource — think access to exclusive content. Providing a clear call-to-action in your show to drive that audience to this content helps uncover your listeners (which could be potential leads) and market to them more effectively.

Brand Awareness

Driving awareness is obviously a driver for any marketer from creating initial interest in forming the foundation toward building long-term relationships. A show can be created based on a specific marketing program to drive awareness and interest in your company’s offerings. Listeners engaging with your show or listening consistently indicate a greater desire to connect with your brand — because that’s literally what they are doing each time they listen to an episode.

But beyond brand awareness, having a podcast gives you content on a consistent basis that you can leverage for video, blog, email, and omnichannel distribution. What’s more, is that while your show can be built upon a broad or more general audience you can serve up segments or episodes based on specific personas.

Sales Enablement

Once the show is built, you can leverage the content for your sales team to use as value add touchpoints. Your show is the greater resource the sales teams can pull from into digestible content.

For example, if you’re targeting CEOs of Hospitals and you have a show featuring CEOs of Hospitals, you can use an episode to share with your prospects showcasing your understanding of their problems based on the content being created. You can use your podcast as a catalyst for creating highly relevant and valuable content to share with your prospects — taking the work out of it for your sales reps.

Inbound Marketing

Simply stated, an inbound strategy removes the ‘pull’ and provides a gentle push towards brand engagement with the goal of converting an interaction into a relationship.

Content with an emphasis on SEO is king in bringing people to your website and a show can support this effort to increase your reach.

A podcast allows you to invite your ideal relationships on the show, providing you with both a blog for your site plus a guest post, in addition to social media content, video, and an event (each episode is an event between the parties on the show and your audience).

So Now What?

No matter your core focus as a B2B marketer, people ultimately want to buy from people. If your website is the front door to your brand then you’ve got to use the content as the map to find you. A brand show can invite listeners in to get to know you on an intimate level while providing clear directions to engage. Your show creates the content to arm your team with while helping you accomplish all your marketing musts.