How to Record a Remote Podcast Interview Using Zencastr

Photo by  CoWomen on  Unsplash

Photo by CoWomenon Unsplash

For years, podcasters struggled to get great audio during remote interviews. Whether guests were calling in by phone or connecting via a web app like Skype or GoToMeeting, audio loss was a continual issue. Fortunately, advances in the industry have led to new solutions that make recording from afar easier on listeners’ ears.

One of the most common solutions is Zencastr - a browser-based recording platform that records all guests locally, meaning there is no audio loss because of a bad connection and no dropouts. Zencastr records each guest where they’re at, then uploads the files at the end of the recording to be easily combined and produced into your final podcast file.

Because of the top-notch quality of Zencastr recordings, we have all of our clients use the platform when recording remote interviews. How easy is it to use? Check out our video below to see a simple step-by-step walkthrough.


Of course, getting a high-quality audio recording is only part of what makes for a great podcast. For B2B brands looking to sell their story and create a compelling show that targets and converts their audience, it pays to partner with StorySelling experts who can drive a quality show from beginning to end, uncovering new opportunities in the process.

Check out Zencastr, then learn how to leverage your show to drive your business forward.