85 Clicks and 0 Downloads: Why is Your Podcast Conversion Rate Low?

Photo by  Prateek Katyal  on  Unsplash

Social media will get more eyes on your podcast…but will it get more ears on it?

High engagement but low downloads: It happens quite frequently. What’s causing these low conversion rates when it comes to sharing podcasts on social media?

There are more than 700,000 podcasts, and for people to find you, you have to stay consistent and strategic with your content. Social media can drive followers and help you earn that captive audience from an organic marketing perspective, but that doesn’t mean social media is helping you score hundreds [or thousands] of new downloads.

Who is Sharing Your Show?

It’s not exactly easy to figure out the “why” behind what makes people want to listen to a brand new show they’ve never accessed before. But one thing’s for certain: to get someone to stop scrolling and take an action (in this instance, downloading a podcast they’ve never listened to), you’ve got to have a great hook. Specifically, something that matters to that person in question.

The podcast data from Chartable’s SmartLinks is telling us that when a guest shares the podcast — no matter what their social media platform of choice is — the conversion rates are highest. Sure, sharing your podcast on your personal and brand social media pages isn’t hurting, but when the guest shares the show to his or her ‘tribe’ — the numbers grow. Every. Time. Does your guest have a highly-engaged following? Even better! In this way, you’re reaching a whole new audience who has never heard your podcast, but is excited to hear what your guest has to say, hopefully falling in love with your show in the process.

Patience and Persistence

Another trend we’re seeing from the data: downloads take time and don’t always magically arrive on launch days. You may have 20 clicks and 1 download, but this same time next week, you may come back and see you have 74 clicks and 11 downloads.

Maybe your listeners are listening over the weekend while they go for a run or fold some laundry. Or maybe they’re saving the podcast to check out on their long morning commute come Monday.

If anything, this is a good sign, and these numbers may be telling you that people are seeking out your podcast over the hundreds of thousands of other podcasts out there.

If you’re not already using SmartLinks and staying up on best podcast metric practices, consider working with a team that is well-versed in understanding show analytics and using that data to build effective strategies that grow audiences and build communities.