3 Ways to Utilize Your Podcast Throughout the Buyer’s Journey

Photo by  Austin Distel  on  Unsplash

Today’s marketer is well aware of the need to show a return on investment for their campaigns. In fact, as the demand to show ROI continues to increase, many marketers are left scrambling to retool their content strategies to prove a return. In many cases, a completely new form of content or product isn’t what’s needed. Instead, it’s a simple rethinking of the way we leverage our existing content.

Podcasts serve as a prime example. Brands tend to think of their podcast as a thought leadership tool meant to increase “brand awareness.” While this can certainly be true, many marketers are missing out on opportunities to leverage this content in other ways throughout the buyer journey.

Because of their top-of-funnel placement, along with continued ambiguity around common podcast metrics, some companies have difficulty tracing the return back to this key investment. However, with a few simple steps, you can begin leveraging your podcast content throughout your funnel to better understand its impact.

Get Creative with Your Podcast Placement

If your company has a podcast, you may already be posting write-ups about new episodes to your blog and maybe even distributing those posts via social media. Good job! You may even be posting the transcript of your podcast audio. Even better! But where else can your podcast content live?

One of the most common mistakes marketers make with podcasts is siloing the content to designated podcast areas. This is simply the first step in terms of distribution. Take a look at your top-ranking blog posts in terms of organic traffic. Chances are you’ve already created podcast episodes that feature similar content to these posts. Take advantage of the eyeballs hitting these posts by adding a relevant podcast episode to the page.

While this is a great way to catch some additional downloads to your show, you can also begin A/B testing some of your top pages with and without a podcast player included. Are visitors that stay on the page to listen to your episode more likely to convert than those that hit the page and bounce? Taking steps to understand how your podcast content impacts various stages of the buyer’s journey on your site can help you place your podcast in the right spot to increase conversions, giving you a new way to measure the success of your investment.

Get in Their Inbox

If you haven’t already begun testing your podcast in your email marketing strategy, don’t delay a second longer. Chances are, your CRM is full of contacts who haven’t heard your show and would love the opportunity to listen in.

Again, enacting your podcast within your email strategy should lead to a bump in downloads, but it can also give you a deeper understanding of the content your target audience wants to consume and engage with. Begin testing how you promote your podcast within your emails. This can include tests related to your subject line and how you’re promoting the podcast within the email itself. Not every email has to include the phrase, “New podcast episode!” Simply plug the topic and analyze how your audience engages with different forms of content.

Never assume that you’re reaching your audience simply by promoting your podcast via social media or getting your podcast listed under the right category. Take your podcast directly to your audience by including it in your lead nurturing campaigns and get in their inboxes.

Gate Exclusive Content

The most common way of measuring podcast success is by looking at your downloads. Are they going up? It must be working! But instead of pushing toward a download goal, how are you connecting with the downloads that are already showing up every week? Even if the number is small, this is an audience that has chosen to lean in. Take advantage and get to know these people.

One creative way to engage with this group is by providing them with exclusive content. To start, this could be as simple as recording a bonus episode exclusively for your regular listeners. Gate the episode on your site and invite your audience to gain access to the exclusive content. You can even add trackable links within your episode descriptions or distribute these links via your other channels where you’re already promoting your show.

At a bare minimum, invite these listeners to contact you with feedback about your show. Why do they keep listening? What do they want to hear? Getting to know your existing podcast audience is one of the best ways of understanding how you can truly leverage your content to achieve your marketing goals.

Don’t let the idea of simply having a podcast keep you from thinking outside the box. As brands begin to weave their podcast content within their overall content strategy — or even inform and drive their content strategy as the centerpiece — a new understanding of how to measure its impact on the bottom line will come into view.