Permissionless Leverage Using Podcasts

Photo by  Dan LeFebvre  on  Unsplash

One goal many marketers have for their CEOs is ‘thought leadership.’ They want more content from the leaders of their organizations. And who can blame them? Who else can speak to their company’s vision more so than the leader? But it’s a challenge getting time to create value-rich, thoughtful content.

Podcasts are leverage. It becomes media that is working for you while you are doing something else. It’s the same concept of business leverage or passive income streams. On its face, your show may not be generating income, but it is permissionless leverage.

One Podcast is More Than Just One Podcast

Too often marketers spin their wheels trying to create new content instead of just sitting down with key leaders and getting their thoughts. I have heard numerous times, “Well, we want all our leaders to contribute content.”

Yet, they’re thinking in terms of written content. Instead of chasing down a story, just get the conversation. One two-hour meeting can generate a month or quarter’s worth of content. Then, when your sales team needs content to help drive value for a conversation, they too can leverage the content already generated.

A Podcast is Always at Work

Podcasts work while you sleep. Podcasts work when your listeners are driving, when they’re working out, and when they’re commuting. With the world of 5G quickly becoming a reality, your listeners will have no issue streaming you wherever they are.

Recently, we began working with one of our clients to help them ‘scale their CEO.’ Instead of getting him teed up to do an interview-style show, we sat down with their marketing team to understand their content goals for the year. We then aligned each series to their content calendar. Instead of scrambling to generate conversations, we had one insightful guided conversation with the CEO.

The result? It gave the marketing team content, it gave the CEO a platform to connect with their thousands of listeners, while also creating a branded showcase or ‘reel’ for getting their CEO on real-life stages (which was a goal). In addition, to scaling the CEO’s time, the podcast is leveraged for true dynamic inbound opportunities by integrating the content into other channels.

For today’s marketing teams, who are always on the hunt for fresh content that can be distributed across multiple channels, all while needing to deliver a true ROI on their campaigns, podcasts offer a solution. The efficiency of the medium, both in terms of scale and flexibility, give it the kind of permissionless leverage that make it an ideal fit within your content marketing strategy.