Your Podcast is More than Just a Podcast


Podcasting is misunderstood…sort of.

At least, that was one of my big takeaways from Podcast Movement 2019. Our team attended a keynote session with Tom Webster of Edison Research that highlighted the fact that some people don’t know what a podcast is. To illustrate this point, Webster used a recorded example of a woman explaining her favorite “podcast.” As it turned out, she wasn’t talking about a podcast, but was instead referencing a popular YouTube video series.

What I took away from the session is that we (and I mean we as an industry) should take control of the conversation and hone in who our content is meant to serve. Rachel Downey, President at Share Your Genius, talks about creating a “show” — not just a podcast. Instead of restricting ourselves with semantics (and destinations), let’s consider what it would look like to take the content to wherever our target audience is consuming their content.

For our clients, Share Your Genius can also use content from a podcast across multiple mediums, such as in a resource library, blog, social media channels, video series…even business development and sales efforts. So while we undoubtedly create podcasts, what we also do, and where a lot of our value lies as storysellers, is that we create “shows” that can feed the rest of our clients’ marketing efforts. Ultimately, we just choose to use podcasting as our main marketing tactic to distribute a show.

For me, the way this all connects is because new audiences still don’t have a firm grasp on what a podcast is, we have a huge opportunity in the B2B space to flip the script and reposition podcasting as a format. Because your podcast is more than just a podcast. With the right strategy, it can act as the centerpiece of your content strategy, meeting your audience wherever they’re at.