Helping B2B brands create stories worth selling

What Do StorySellers Do?


StorySelling isn’t a typo. It’s a new way for brands to tell stories. StorySelling activates and establishes your podcast presence. As your show grows and evolves, we’ll continue working with you to leverage this medium as the centerpiece of your content marketing strategy.

Original podcastS

An original podcast is a branded show tied directly to your marketing and sales goals. While the goals and the shows vary, the focus remains the same: create stories worth selling. Our methodology is founded on the principle that content doesn’t need to compete if it’s created for a specific audience.


Sound Design

When you think about a branded show, the sound is an important component to telling a story. Beyond audio production, we use sound to evoke emotions and experiences. Our StorySellers can also act as on-site producers and consultants when it comes to developing the right plan for capturing sound.

Audience Development

We equip brands with both strategy and execution for finding and engaging their audience and building long term relationships. For us, a podcast is bigger than driving downloads. We work with brands to build a community.


While metrics are not everything when it comes an original podcast, metrics do matter. We work to uncover insights to help inform the strategy of growing a show.


Ready to explore a new way for your brand to sell your story? Let us help you tap into the potential of podcasting today.